Value Creation Forum

VCF strengthens your business idea and provides new perspectives

VCF is one of the many tools we prefer to work with. It is short for Value Creation Forum. When participating in a VCF, your company receives valuable feedback from a panel of individuals with different backgrounds.

The aim is to strengthen your business and get some tips and advice. You get confirmation of what’s good and a brief on what’s missing or how to prioritise.

This is how it works

At a VCF your company makes a 15-minute presentation of your business idea to a panel. The panel members have special roles, identified by using various coloured caps and glasses. The green cap sees opportunities, the white cap has an investor perspective, the red cap is problem-oriented and the glasses symbolise the customer perspective. Blue cap has a holistic view.

After the presentation, the panel will provide feedback. Or as we like to call it – Feedforward! Initially, this happens without dialogue, where you only listen to the panel. At the end, the panel opens up for discussion, in which you are able to respond to the comments and views provided.

New ideas and strengthened confidence

When providing feedback, the panel not only evaluates the content of the presentation, but also how the presentation is performed. The aim is to always provide views from a positive perspective. An example of this is to use the word “and” instead of the word “but” in order to not diminish the positive in the feedback. The panel expresses its views in a way that allows you and your company to leave with new ideas and strengthened confidence in yourself.

A VCF is suitable for both start-ups and well-established companies and may be particularly appropriate when the company needs to adjust or test new business models, products or services.

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