Challenge your business idea

Do you want to develop your business idea? We frequently use the models NABC and Business Model Canvas. You can challenge your business idea by asking the questions in NABC. Please contact us if you would like us to participate in the process!

NABC is a support model for when you have a business idea. Not only does it help you structure what your idea really is about, it also highlights what it is about the idea that represents a value for your customers.

It is easy to see the strength of one’s own business idea, as it often is apparent to oneself. The challenge, though, is to write down the vision in black and white and convey it to someone else. It can be hard to describe the idea to customers or to investors so it’s obvious to them. That’s when you can make use of NABC. At Kalmar Science Park, we continuously use NABC together with entrepreneurs to work on their business idea and to discover how the idea may develop.

NABC is short for:

Need – What is it the customer needs?

Approach – What approach do you use to satisfy the need?

Benefits – What are the benefits to the customer of your specific business idea?

Competition – Which competitors are also satisfying the customer’s need?

Capture interest and make an impression

A tip is to also add an introduction that captures people’s interest and to finish with something that the listener will remember. When you structure your business idea according to NABC, you get a simple, clear and to-the-point description that you can use to explain what it is you are doing e.g. during a presentation, in a pitch, at a meeting or on your website.

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