This is how the Incubator works

Do you want to progress your company and develop your business operations? If so, an Incubator Program may be something for you! Regardless of whether your company is a startup or an up-and-running business.


The first step is the reception, where we meet and get to know each other. We then put you in touch with an experienced business developer whom you can talk to very openly and without any strings attached. You will receive feedback on you development and growth ideas.

Boost Chamber

Boost Chamber works as a first step in our incubator. Together with other entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to sharpen your idea, test it on potential customers and to start commercialising your service or product. You get to dry-run being an entrepreneur and to consider which role you should take on if you decide to build a business. Our Boost Chamber is an excellent opportunity to get to know us at Kalmar Science Park’s Incubator and what we can offer you in particular.

Incubator Program

The Incubator is the next step, where you get individual support that encourages and develops your company. This could be knowledge, contacts, capital and, if required, office space.

Incubator Target Groups

The target groups are companies or business ideas with e.g. scalable business ideas, growth potential and domestic and international potential. Other factors are entrepreneurship and an interest in creating businesses.

Companies or business ideas in

  1. Early phase – business idea/company with still significant time to market.
  2. Commercialisation phase – near market launch.
  3. Initiation phase – initiation, there are customers, time to make the “next” move.
  • Students and researchers who have achieved research results and knowledge-based ideas linked to Linnaeus University.
  • Business communities, business networks and clusters that are offshoots of existing companies.
  • Independent innovators/entrepreneurs, i.e. individuals with business ideas.
  • Companies within our focus area and cluster Digital Businesses. Both development companies and knowledge or sales companies, e.g. eCommerce companies.

Criteria for the Incubator

ENTREPRENEUR: Do you have the ambition and drive it takes to develop the business idea or the company?

POTENTIAL: Do you have a business idea or a company with growth potential?

SCALABLITY: Does the product or service have scalability advantages?

COLLABORATION: We’d like you to benefit from other entrepreneurs’ knowledge and you to provide your own experience to other entrepreneurs. We also see it as an advantage if you work closely to Linnaeus University’s activities and education programmes, students and researchers.

NEW MARKETS: Do you see an opportunity, and do you want to grow your company nationally and internationally?

TIME PLAN: Are you fully focused on your company and do you have enough time to put into the incubator process?

SUSTAINABILITY: We see it as a positive if your business idea is truly innovative and captures sustainability considerations!


The incubator is a stepping-stone to progression. We have the tools it takes to get to market faster. This includes regular meetings with business developers who provide support in setting strategies and goals e.g. market segment, packaging and financing. You will have access to experts in the fields of financing, business administration, law, human resources and intellectual property rights.


You will gain access to a multitude of contacts through our business developers and our own connections to different companies, industries, experts, markets, Science Parks and universities.


We have close connections with a range of financiers. You may, for example, discuss and apply for grants and loans for your product or service from our collaboration partners ALMI Företagspartner and Regionförbundet.


In the incubator, you will benefit from accessing other entrepreneurs’ know-how. We encourage you to work in our physical environment, but it is not a requirement under the incubator program.

More benefits

We make use of different tools that support your business. Business development templates (e.g. NABC, Business Canvas), sales support, incubator meetings, semi-annual reviews, value creation meetings and the business series Digital Business are some examples. Read more on our homepage! We can boost your visibility through our newsletters, our homepage and in our press releases.

Through us, you’ll have easy access to modern meeting and conference rooms, as well as bikes and projectors. You will become one of the many Kalmar Science Park companies and thus a part of our network.

Application and prices

Book a nonbinding, free of charge and completely confidential meeting, during which we discuss your business ideas and assess whether Incubator is suitable for your company >

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