Boost Chamber – sharpen your business idea

Chamber works as a first step in our incubator. Together with other entrepreneurs, you have the opportunity to sharpen your idea, test it on potential customers and to start commercialising your service or product. You get to dry-run being an entrepreneur and to consider which role you should take on if you decide to build a business. Our Boost Chamber is an excellent opportunity to get to know us at Kalmar Science Park’s Incubator and what we can offer you in particular.

How Boost Chamber works

You can apply to join Boost Chamber if you have a business idea and live in any of the municipalities of Kalmar, Torsås, Emmaboda, Borgholm, Nybro, Mönsterås, or Mörbylånga, but are not yet ready to be part of our incubator. You don’t need any pre-knowledge, but we want you to be a driven, committed person who is willing to set aside the time required for the program. During the twelve weeks of the program, you will be working on the following:

• Building the foundation – We will explore your idea using traditional start-up techniques. You receive professional feedback and personal business coaching.
• Questioning – We work with considerations such as: Who is my customer? What is my offering and how do I present it? How do I reach the customer? What resources and skills do I need?
• Further development – What is the next step? Can other issues be solved using my business idea?
• Inspire – Together with other participants, you will learn a lot while enjoying the ride!


10-15 people will be invited to participate each time. The program runs for approximately three months and includes both full- and half-day activities. Participants sign non-disclosure agreements with each other to allow everyone to speak openly about their business idea. The program includes theory days, a two-day Boost Camp, Business Reviews, and sales pitch training. The Boost Chamber concludes with participants delivering a final pitch in front of a knowledgeable and experienced external panel. Once all participants have delivered their pitch, the panel provides their recommendation as to which participants should progress into our incubator program. The incubator team resolves who will be accepted into our incubator.

Boost Chamber gives you:

• Business coaching and feedback on your business idea
• Network and key contacts
• Free access to the innovation environment at Varvsholmen
• Access to innovation coaches and experts from different fields
• Pitch event once a month, including feedback
• Invitations to exciting seminars, lectures and competitions

Book a free of charge, nonbinding and completely confidential meeting with us to find out if Boost Chamber is something for you >


Boost Chamber builds on proven knowledge and established methods. The model was originally developed by  Movexum , the incubator in Gävle, Sweden.

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