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There is a unique combination of expertise and networks at Kalmar Science Park. Companies and entrepreneurs with extensive experience and a renowned innovative approach. Our networks hold considerable knowledge and almost endless possibilities to exchange experiences, gain inspiration and to solve common challenges. Become one of us! Join Associate. In addition, you can join Digital Business if you are interested in developing your business digitally.

Associate – the network for those who want to make progress

Associate is the network for those who want to be in control and to progress, and for those who are open to new ideas and external influences.

Annual fee 2018

0-5 employees 3,000 SEK/company excl. VAT

6-15 employees 5,000 SEK/company excl. VAT

More than 15 employees, 7,000 SEK/company excl. VAT


You will have access to*

  • Individual meeting – meet someone in our reception to bounce ideas with and to get some tips
  • Finance advice – advice and introductions to finance and capital.
  • Expert room – 80 open expert room events covering anything from business administration and  insurance to recruitment and law.
  • Door opener – access to connections to other companies, experts and universities.
  • Company networks – build new contacts, exchange knowledge and an opportunity to collaborate and benchmark.
  • Information seminars and meeting on digitalisation and other topics.
  • Invitations to social gatherings in the network, such as summer lunches, Lucia celebrations, Gala Party etc.
  • Knowledge feeds– via collaboration with other companies and universities.
  • Newsletters 20 issues/year by Koll.

* there may be additional costs for activities where external consultants / other organisations charge a fee. Kalmar Science Park operates as a non-for-profit organisation. We endeavour to, as far as possible, arrange free of charge activities or activities at a reduced price.

+ Digital Business – the network for those who want to operate their business digitally

Read more about the option Digital Business here >

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