Code of conduct

An inspiring and inviting meeting place

Kalmar Science Park is a warm, inspiring and friendly meeting place, where everyone should feel safe and welcome – regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, appearance, religion, etc. This applies to our events and get-togethers as well as to our social channels.

Appreciate each other’s differences – anything else would be sad! Expressing one’s opinion is positive and encouraged. But do not forget to listen as well! Build on each other’s stories, be active in the debate and be engaged, but do not let your frustrations take over. The ability to tolerate differences can easily be lost when we are stressed or under pressure. Breathe again, focus on what is relevant and not on personal traits.

We welcome opinions, debates and discussions – but harassment or any form of bullying has no place here (we know that you know this). We expect participants in our activities or in our social media channels, to stop unacceptable behaviour immediately when asked to do so. If a first little warning from us is not adhered to, we have the right to expel the person from the venue or the forum and determine that they are no longer welcome to participate in our discussion.

Comments and remarks including the following are not welcome, no matter who is expressing it:

– Comments that are completely irrelevant to the subject;

– Derogatory comments in relation to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, occupation;

– Religion if it is irrelevant to the situation;

– Profanity, obscenities and other foul language;

– Personal attacks or defamatory remarks;

– Pornographic, racist or sexist remarks;

– Threats, harassment, gossip or lies;

– Incitements to crime or anything else violating Swedish law;

Keep yourself updated

Prenumerera på våra utskick för att alltid hålla dig uppdaterad och inte missa någon av våra aktiviteter.