We form part of a national network of Science Parks

Kalmar Science Park is a proud part of innovation activities in Sweden; we are one of about 80 regional innovation hubs involved in daily activities that contribute to Sweden’s continuous progression, innovation and growth. We do this through our business incubator and our Science Park.

Kalmar Science Park is a full member of the national industry association Swedish Incubators and Science Parks, SISP. SISP currently has 65 members, who together operate nearly 80 innovation hubs across the country. Altogether, the members consist of over 5,000 companies and employ about 72,000 people.


What is a business incubator?

SISP defines a business incubator in the following way: Incubators offer a dynamic process for the development of people, businesses and companies. Incubators assist entrepreneurs with active and appropriate management, financial, technical and commercial networks as well as with a creative growth environment, with associated office services. The incubator can be a tool in the creation of strong new companies that generate new ideas and develop new technologies. This means the incubator can assist in creating new jobs and be a foundation for companies in high growth industries and thereby generate future jobs and innovations in the business community.


What is a Science Park?

SISP defines a science park in the following way: Science parks are stimulating and developing environments that offer infrastructure, networks and business development to knowledge-intense growth companies. A science park can be described as a meeting place for people, ideas, knowledge and creativity. A science park is often also a platform for major innovation and development projects. The science park generally has a close connection to a nearby university and/or an area where innovation- and knowledge-based companies develop and grow.


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