About Kalmar Science Park

Reach your momentum. Create growth together.

Kalmar Science Park is a meeting place for exceptionally driven people, smart ideas and innovative companies. This is where great thinkers, inspiring innovators and persistent experts come together. We make connections and build friendships. People learn from each other and fine-tune companies of the future. Kalmar Science Park collaborates with the regional business community and with Linnaeus University.

Here, you will meet start-ups as well as established companies.
Small-scale e-commerce companies and major industrial groups. International companies and local entrepreneurs, who make large-scale international investments.

Taking a holistic view is our strength.
We see opportunities and together we find new ways forward. This is where you reach your personal momentum by having access to expertise, catch-ups, development programs, networks and collaborations.

What dreams and goals do you have? And how can we support you in fulfilling those dreams and goals?

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