Meet n´ Share

It’s rather useless to invent the wheel a second time. By sharing experiences you can both save resources and discover solutions for your business. That’s why we arrange Meet n’ Share.

Meet n’ Share is a relaxed meeting where you meet 2-5 people from other companies in the Kalmar Science Park network. In the meeting we discuss a current and relevant topic from one company and others share their thoughts in a round-table discussion. Outcomes are often smarter after discussion among several participants. New opportunities are likely to be uncovered!

Some topics that have been discussed

  • Creating your own product brands – we have done it this way, what about you?
  • Customer support with night-time staffing. What challenges is the organisation facing to do this?

Do you have a topic you’d like to raise? Kindly contact Mats Olsson and it can be the focus at a Meet n’ Share in the future.

You can find our upcoming Meet n´Share – including time, venue and registration – under our activities >