Financial advisor

Do you have an amazing idea, but are not sure how to access the resources to make it happen? Our financial advisor Mats Olsson tells you about different ways to finance your business.

Mats has a large network of contacts with investors and financiers. He gives you tips on where to find and how to apply for capital for your business expansion. This can be anything from grants to loans and private equity. For example, Regionsförbundet, Almi, banks and private investors.

The Finance Portal

If your company is fairly new, it may be good to know that there are some extraordinary opportunities in the Kalmar Region for early stage financing. There is a summary of different grants to companies in our region at>

Investerare Sydost

Kalmar Science Park is one of the initiators behind Investerare Sydost – a network of private financiers and business angels, who have helped several companies in our region to progress in their development. We regularly set up meetings where companies have the opportunity to pitch their idea for the investors in the network. More about Investerare Sydost>

Expert Room Financing

If you are affiliated with Kalmar Science Park, are a new entrepreneur or have met us at our reception, we offer drop-in meetings to our ten Expert Rooms. They are open every second week. There, you can ask questions to experts in, e.g. the Financing Room and the Business Administration Room. More about the Expert Rooms>

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