Recruit and build teams

A key to business success is to have a highly effective team with skills to implement the necessary actions. This is about recruiting right competences, but also about creating a coherent and efficient team where everyone can utilise and develop their strengths.

We can help finding candidates when you seek special skills for your business. We arrange and tailor recruitment meetings where you can get to meet, for example, students from different educations. We also have get-togethers and seminars on how to build and develop strong teams. This may relate to:

– The different development phases a company goes through, and what skills and leadership styles each phase require

– What characterises really effective teams

– Behaviours that obstruct and irritate

– To set goals or ”go with the flow”?

– The ”Do Something” method for when you get stuck

– How to detect and utilise your own best skills and strengths, as well as those of the team, to move forward

Personal advice in our Expert Room

We have contacts with team-building experts. If you’re affiliated with us, you can use our HR and Recruitment Room. It is generally open once a month.

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