Innovate in your business with a Nutcracker

Nutcracker is an exciting concept where students, during a workshop, use creative thinking to help your business find innovative solutions to different issues.

This is how it works: Your business formulates topics and issues to which you want creative solutions. During approximately two hours, students in groups of 6-8 people brainstorm ideas. A software called Ideahunt is used to facilitate the process and document what’s being said. The students enter their suggestions simultaneously in Ideahunt and you, and the other groups, can follow the flow of ideas in real time. This often generates a large amount of ideas. The exercise ends with the company choosing a winning team. The winning team will continue to exchange ideas and deepen the discussions in a new meeting.

Development and competence

A Nutcracker session often leads to new insights and to product development. It’s a great opportunity for the students to make connections with a local company. This may potentially lead to a project job or employment in the future. Who knows? The students further receive a certificate as proof of having participated in an innovative process – a useful document for their CV.

Read more out what Södra and the students from Linnaeus University say about having experienced a Nutcracker >

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