Internationalise your company

If you are contemplating an internationalisation of your business or if you have already started that journey, then Kalmar Science Park can provide you access to an exciting network, since many of our companies operate in international markets. This is where you can get support and inspiration and share experiences.

If you are affiliated with us, you can also visit our Expert Room, The Internationalisation Room, ask questions and get advice from experts such as Business Sweden, which has Swedish and foreign consultants in 50 of the world’s most interesting markets. We also have a Language Room with experts in English, where you can get support and help with translation and an understanding of language styles. Read more about the Expert Rooms here >

Sample questions on internationalisation

– How do I identify suitable overseas markets?

– How do I build connections with businesses and partners in Europe and beyond?

– What regulations are in place for import and export?

– I have an interest in trade fairs and other activities. How do I get information about what is going on?

– How can I take part in internationalisation programs and training courses?

– Is there any business support available that I can apply for?

– What types of business ethics apply in the USA and Latin America?

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