Financing and expansion

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Access financing and let your company grow

Money makes operating businesses out of good ideas, and transforms initiatives into investments. The Kalmar region offers great opportunities for support and grants as well as risk capital and loans. Kalmar Science Park has good contacts and several in-roads to capital.

To grow your company can also be to internationalise the business and to reach new markets. It can also be about hiring staff, recruiting the right people and building a strong team. Or, it can be to develop existing or new services and products. We arrange for investors to meet entrepreneurs and we organise activities on topics like innovation, international investments and recruitments.

Affiliate your company with us

There is a unique combination of expertise and networks In Kalmar Science Park. There are businesses and entrepreneurs with extensive experience and a renowned drive to innovate. Our networks have broad knowledge and almost endless opportunities to exchange experiences, get inspiration and to solve common challenges. Become one of us! Join Associate. For more in-depth focus, you can also select to join the Digital Business cluster, especially if you are focusing on developing your business digitally.

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