Take part in a Nutcracker

Nutcracker is an exciting concept where you as a student work in groups together with other students and use your creativity to help local businesses find innovative solutions. In this event it will be Internetbyrån and CGI.

Thursday 25 th of April at 4:15-7:00 pm 
at Café Magasinet, Ölandskajen 12 in Kalmar

Note! The event is open for students only. Signing up for the event is binding! Both of respect for the companies and the environment since food will be preordered to cover the exact number of participants. Not turning up means unnecessary waisting of food!

Also note! To be able to take part in the workshop, you need to bring your own computer

You will get free beverage and vegetarian food. Prices will be awarded! 

Don't hesistate to sign up below with your friends. It will be great fun!



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