Digital Businesses Seminar series

Opportunities in a digital world

Our Digital Businesses seminar series deals with everything from hands-on knowledge in digital marketing, to digital innovations or how to successfully get the whole company onboard in a digital transformation.

We meet approximately once a month and listen to a carefully selected lecturer. Participants can suggest topics or speaker for future seminars.

The red thread through the seminar series is to learn, inspire and get tools for you and your business to meet and respond to the challenges and opportunities that an increasingly digitised world means.

Please come and participate!

Here are some examples of seminars from the series:

How digitalisation impacts your company

Maximise the result from your web visitors

How to build a new business on LinkedIn

How Sweden’s ten best e-commerce businesses succeeded

Be serious about your brand in a digital world

How to handle the new General Data Protection Regulation

Write in a way to ensure both Google and your customers love you

Dig for gold in your own channels

Amazon – a threat or an opportunity?

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