The Digital Businesses Day

Inspiration, laughter, knowledge and warmth

The Digital Businesses Day is the region’s biggest recurring event in digitalisation – it is primarily about meeting others, learning and to digitalise to make more business!

Kalmar Science Park, Linnaeus University, the Chamber of Commerce and Svensk Digital Handel have arranged the day for eight years now. It takes place in September each year and brings together more and more entrepreneurs and stakeholders. The latest Digital Businesses Day had over 250 participants!

During the day, we explore trends and the latest information. We review case studies of digital successes and some failures that we learn from. Experts and speakers with broad and deep knowledge from a variety of areas are participating and discussing the digital transformation we are all affected by. The day is an interactive dialog with participants who are encouraged to share their knowledge – because we know that you too know a lot! There is plenty of experience out there and we need to learn from each other!

Get to know some new friends and contacts

Apart from being inspired by people who have succeeded and those who are making an impact, it is also a great opportunity to network and make new connections. Come and join us. Enrich your network, your knowledge and your business!

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This is what some of this year’s participants had to say…

”This is an event that can’t be missed! It is an incredible opportunity to learn from others’ experiences and use it to make a difference”

”Very inspiring speakers and topics. It’s the future way of becoming a successful business operator.”

”You get a lot of new insight and you meet people who are engaged in the same field as you. It is a good way to build one’s network.”


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