Meet our Digiperson

The leader of the Digital Business cluster is always available to bounce around ideas with. The Digiperson is the first point of contact for people connected to the cluster and seeking to get started with their business digitalisation.

We are now in the process of recruiting to this role and we expect to have a person in place shortly. It is someone who is passionate about digitalisation of businesses and has great hands-on experience with such. It will be an expert who also looks at trends. To be at the forefront of the developments in the digital world and industry is as obvious to this person as the sun rises every day – in other words, a real Digiperson!

The Digiperson will also be involved in the ongoing development of the cluster and arranging activities with digitalisation and business development experts.

Keep an eye out for when our Digiperson joins us, and be one of the first to book a meeting with him/her!

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