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Ones and Zeros set the tone

Society is digitalising at a furious pace. Services, sales, communications and networks are online. How does the digitalisation affect you and your sales? How can you, as an entrepreneur, prepare yourself?

At Kalmar Science Park we were early with our e-commerce cluster, now called Digital Business. We know that digitalisation affects all companies and that it is not just about technical solutions. We believe in a digital holistic view and have identified three important parts. Firstly, the technical side of things with digital tools and digital channels. Secondly, marketing solutions that take you past the digital noise. And finally, the need to create an effective organisation and a team that delivers.

The Digital Business Cluster

Digital Business is the cluster for those who want to get a grip on and become a leader in the digital field. There are many successful companies in our region, many of which are part of our network. The Digital Business cluster is aimed at those seeking new knowledge and wanting to share their experiences with other developing companies. These are experiences and exchanges that lead to smarter digital businesses and new solutions for the future.

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